If you have a smart speaker with a built-in smart housing center and run the Amazon Alexa personal assistant, you can create your own smart housing system. If you don’t just know how to take advantage of these great features, we will definitely help you.

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Smart speakers are the first step towards automatic living. Market trends indicate that Amazon.com Alexa customers tend to start with smart bulbs, thermostats and protective cams in smart homes. After completing the initial setup, customers will definitely include more. Remember that not every wise audio speaker has a built-in wise house hub, which is important. If you are using the Alexa voice assistant for smart house automation, you need smart speakers with integrated smart home facilities such as Amazon.com Echo Plus.

In this overview, we will of course discuss how to connect all the clever tools with Alexa and how to run them.

Why choose Alexa?

Let’s discuss Alexa. Thanks to Amazon’s firm advertising, everyone has realized Alexa or has seen their usage on TV or social media. Alexa is a voice-based personal assistant that can help you handle daily activities, such as taking notes, browsing, replying to queries, playing music, etc. All you need to do is to ask. Nevertheless, Alexa is not the only voice-based personal assistant on the market. There are others, such as Google Assistant and Siri. Then, why is Alexa?

The ability of Alexa to be easily integrated with smart home gadgets makes it one of the best smart home assistants. In addition, Amazon Smart’s compatibility with residential facilities with many smart tools makes it one of the most ideal home automation solutions. Alexa is easy to use. Its separate command team function can simultaneously manage multiple lighting devices, power products and other smart gadgets, so that you can manage all the devices integrated with each other. Therefore, you can use a single command to set the scene of the entire house.

Compared with various other home automation systems such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Smart Home is quite inexpensive and has stable community help. This is one of the reasons why Alexa is so outstanding.

How to set up a smart device with Alexa.

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Smart light settings

Every smart device has a guide on how to properly include it in Amazon.com Alexa. Let’s look at an example of Philips colored lights.

Unbox the Philip Shade starter kit. You will get two bulbs and a bridge. Connect the Phillips bridge to the power source and the network. You must see 3 blue lights on the bridge. Download the Philips Hue app now. Search for “hue bridge” in the app and press the settings switch on the app when you find it. This will link the application with the bridge. Now, include voice control by including these smart lights into Alexa.

You will need a mobile phone; tools that support Alexa and the Amazon.com Alexa app. Use your phone to open the application. After that, open the menu. After that, learn skills and the ability to find hue. Then press the Allow button to make this function possible. Access your MyHue account. Press Discovery Tool. The application will currently find all linked Shade tools. It takes about 20 seconds. When all the lights are found, the lights can be managed by voice.

Use smart audio speakers to develop multi-room audio

In our example, we will definitely use Amazon.com Echo and Echo dot speakers, and use Alexa to develop and adjust multi-room stereo. To do this, you will need to create a team and add all speakers to that team. After that, you can use commands to play the exact same music on all speakers in the team, regardless of the area where the audio speakers are located. This feature is especially useful if you really want to celebrate. These smart speakers can play music on their own, but if you want better audio, you can link them with powerful Bluetooth speakers.

Place audio speakers throughout the house. Suppose we want to place an audio speaker in the kitchen area, an audio speaker in the bedroom, and an audio speaker in the living room. Now open the Alexa app that is most likely to choose food and add a gadget. This will help you discover all audio speakers. Then go to settings and see if those gadgets appear in the tool list. Currently, scroll down to the bottom and select “Multi-Room Song”. This will begin the process of generating groups. Choose a group name (I call my team “almost everywhere”), and choose the Echo tools to include in that group. Press the Create Group button to complete this operation. After a few minutes, Alexa must finally create the team. Currently, it is tested using voice commands. “Alexa, play songs everywhere”.

The process of adding any other smart family features to Amazon Alexa is actually the same.