The best smart locks for home protect your home from criminals with the help of biometric technology. Today’s modern technology has provided us with a lot of new and exciting technologies that have transformed our lives. Biometrics is one such revolution. It is a very useful and unique feature that is used to secure doors and windows. An intruder can never enter your home if you have an authentic and foolproof fingerprint lock installed in all your front and back doors.

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However, you may wonder how an innovative lock technology can be used to secure your house and property without spending much money. Well, the answer is simple. You just need to learn how to unlock it with the right fingerprint. There are many sophisticated methods by which an individual can easily learn how to unlock a door with the right fingerprint and smart home security technology is the answer.

Actually, there are various different types of lock systems but they all rely on the same concept; biometric authentication. The biometric data of the user is processed through the fingerprint recognition system of the smartphone. The moment the user puts his finger on the sensor, the door automatically opens. Once the finger is detected, it will send out a signal to the smartphone and the lock will open or remain closed. Thus, all smart door locks for your home or office are controlled by a smartphone, either manually or automatically.

Voice Control

This type of lock requires the help of a speaker or a headset to unlock it. A special algorithm is embedded in the voice recognition system of the smartphone, which then recognizes each and every fingerprint. When the user speaks the command, it will trigger the unlocking process. The Alexa voice control is one such technology that allows you to control the lock from any place in the house. You can use it not only for voice commands but also for controlling other electronic devices like cameras and lights.

Doorphone Unlocking

Perhaps the most modern type of lock available in the market today, a door phone is a smartphone application that is specifically designed to be used as a door opener. The smartphone has a camera and the infrared camera can detect the presence of the door even when it is closed. With the help of the microphone, the user is able to command the smartphone through a speaker. The door opens instantly once the command is given. This is one of the best smart door locks available in the market that is completely wireless and can work even when the battery is running low.


Alarm Clock Only

The alarm clock can be conveniently installed on the door. You just need to set up the desired time to wake up to your own choice. You just need to make sure that the smartphone is switched on when the alarm goes off. Thus, this is the best smart lock for a home that does not require you to carry a heavy and complex lockbox.

Keypad Only Locks

Using fingerprint technology, the smart lock offers convenient and easy entry of the desired door. This is the best smart locks for the home that does not require you to memorize any complex password. Just use your finger or the thumb to register your desired password. No other thumb holes are needed and the biometric technology does not fail to recognize your finger even in wet and cold weather conditions. Thus, these locks are really convenient.

Numeric Keypad

If you want something better and something different from what the previous locks offer, then you must go for the numeric keypad. Number keypad enables you to enter the required codes into the system. These codes are stored in the memory of the device and so, you need to key the device only at specific times in a day. This is the best way to protect your belongings while adding some personality to your house with something different from what other locks offer. So, get a numeric keypad lock now!